Green Kitchen Set Design Model

Green Kitchen Set Design Model

Green Kitchen Set Design Model

Green Kitchen Set Design Model - The design of green kitchen sets is one of the design colors of a kitchen set. Kitchen sets is the completeness of a kitchen consisting of a series of storage cabinets arranged in such a way, so it can be used with fitting. Most design kitchen sets made of wood, but some are using aluminum materials.

In addition to the natural wood color, you also have the opportunity to choose other colors in accordance with what you want. The color can be based on the color you like or color according to the kitchen interior theme that you will make. 

Green Kitchen Sets Design. One of the colors that you can make a mainstay for kitchen sets is a green color. Why choose this color? green is a kind of firm color with a glowing look. By its nature, the interior design of the kitchen in your home can be seen more clearly. Not all parts of the kitchen sets will be coated with green, but also with other colors. 

Green Kitchen Set Design Model 

The flexible nature that this color has will also greatly facilitate you to match it with other colors like white, beige, and also brown. The impression that was displayed was not only modern, but also elegant beautiful and charming. 

Sample Green Kitchen Sets Design Model

Green Kitchen Set Design Model 

Green Kitchen Set Design Model 

Green Kitchen Set Design Model 
Green Kitchen Set Design Model 

Green Kitchen Set Design Model
Green Kitchen Set Design Model

Green Kitchen Set Design Model 

Green Kitchen Set Design Model 

Green Kitchen Set Design Model 

Green Kitchen Set Design Model

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Green Kitchen Set Design Model

Green Kitchen Set Design Model

Green Kitchen Set Design Model

Green Kitchen Set Design Model

Green Kitchen Set Design Model

Green Kitchen Set Design Model

Green Kitchen Set Design Model

Green Kitchen Set Design Model

Green Kitchen Set Design Model

Apply the green color to all parts of the kitchen sets and the furniture in your kitchen is not a good idea. The interior design of the kitchen with just one color will only make it look ordinary. Therefore, we will discuss more about what parts can you make the main part for coloring with green color in order to form a color balance, especially with kitchen sets. Let us consider the following details. 

3 Part In Kitchen for Kitchen Design Green color 

1. Kitchen wall 

If the kitchen sets that you have already have a beautiful green color design, you need to design the walls with different colors. For example white or black. But if you want to maintain the initial color kitchen sets kitchen, you can give a green color to the wall of the kitchen. Can be with green ceramics or green wall paint. 

The kitchen wall is one of the most potential targets to make the kitchen more attractive. Part of the wall that is often noticed is the kitchen wall between the upper and lower kitchen sets. You can take advantage of this section to integrate the kitchen sets of green shades that you will design. Surely it will not be as difficult as you might think. 

2. Kitchen floor 

Another part of the kitchen that is suitable to be designed with green and its kitchen set is the floor. Floor is a large part in a room other than the walls of the room. Designing it is quite easy. You just choose the color of ceramics with a variety of shades that are available today. Make sure the ceramic design you choose matches the kitchen interior theme. 

If you want to show the green kitchen sets more clearly, then make your kitchen floor with a more flat or common impression. Vice versa. This is a way of designing the room by choosing one part of the room that becomes the focal point in the design. Every room in your house should have at least one piece or object that is used as the focal point. 

3. Kitchen furniture 

Minimalist house will usually have a minimalist dining room located one room with a kitchen. You can use the dining room furniture such as tables and wood to complement the design of green kitchen sets. That way, the harmony in your kitchen will be clearly visible. Furniture with a green color will look more unique and also interesting jaug. 

That's the things we can say about the design of the green minimalist kitchen sets that are amazing and unique. Hopefully useful to add your inspiration in designing the kitchen at home. Thank you for visiting. 

Choosing a suitable style for the kitchen in your dwelling (both house and apartment) is often not an easy thing, especially most residential in Indonesia has a relatively limited dimension for the kitchen. Many kitchens have an area of ​​less than 10-12 square meters, often the standard Indonesian kitchen is only 6 square meters. Follow these guidelines to determine the design elements of your dream kitchen: 

What kind of kitchen style should I choose? 

Kitchen counter: 

This design is made in such a way that many people can sit together and eat. This design is especially useful if you do not have the space to put the dining table separately. 


Separate dining room but the top of this room is empty and you can place food and drink from the counter like a bar. 

Kitchen Island Style: 

This style separates completely between room for cooking and dining room. If you often feel disturbed by the smell of cooking left in the room then this style is perfect for you. 

What kind of kitchen is suitable for my home? 

Kitchen Linear: 

Kitchen like this you often meet in any dwelling. The most common option is to buy a finished kitchen and install it at home, this way allows you to save on budget. 

Kitchen Island: 

Many cheap alternatives such as linear types. This kind of kitchen is currently in vogue, but it also takes a bit more space to put one furniture with another. 

Kitchen shaped L: 

Suitable for the kitchen in the corner of the room, stable and allow more space for cooking. In addition, in general the price is relatively affordable. 

U-shaped kitchen: 

As the name implies, when viewed from the top of the shape similar to the letter U. The price is relatively expensive but he is able to accommodate more space for kitchen equipment and easier access to your equipment during the cooking process. Suitable for those of you who love to cook. 

What basic materials should I use for the kitchen table? 


This material is one of the most popular because it is affordable and gives a natural look. Unfortunately the stains and water make it less durable than other materials, other than that the treatment is also not too easy. 


These materials tend to cost more expensive, but there is a price there is a way. Marble is easier to clean and treat, and it is more durable. The drawback is only difficult to clean if exposed to stains. 


It has characteristics similar to marble. 


Can be installed as a base if you use concrete as a base. The price was relatively cheap and the treatment was relatively easy, the motive was also varied. But the installation must be careful, if not easy to crack in a certain period. 


Often used as a wood coating so it is easier to clean. Unfortunately the glass material itself is easily broken and cracked either by impact or heat and cold. 

Stainless steel 

Cheap and easy to clean than marble or granite, but the installation cost is not cheap. Is a good heat conductor, unfortunately easily damaged because it is easy to dent. 


Concrete is often used as a cheap alternative, although it does not look as beautiful as others but it has its own style. Its surface can be made smooth, but it can also be cracked especially if often exposed to high temperatures directly. 


Laminate is also often a popular alternative because it is relatively cheap and its motives are varied. Laminate is basically a thick plastic, the point is to coat the kitchen table. 

How to maximize the function of the kitchen table? 

Group the kitchen equipment by function 

This will make it easier for you to sort the equipment so as not to mix and mess. You will no longer be confused to find the equipment you will use, otherwise you will also save time because you no longer need to be confused where you have to put the equipment back after washing. 

Take advantage of the backsplash area for hanging kitchen utensils 

These tips are useful if you have a work area or limited storage area in the kitchen. You will be able to cook more freely because the work area can be used optimally without any scattered equipment. Tools that can be placed in the backsplash eg kitchen knives (can also add magnetic strips), wooden spoons and soup spoons. 

Maximize kitchen drawers and cabinets 

Using the same small jar for cooking seasoning that is conveniently placed and easily arranged in a drawer for example, will allow you to adjust the tidiness and cleanliness of your kitchen.
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