4 Easy Ways to Organize a Narrow Bedroom for Comfort and Elegance

4 Easy Ways to Organize a Narrow Bedroom for Comfort and Elegance

4 Easy Ways to Organize a Narrow Bedroom for Comfort and Elegance

4 Easy Ways to Organize a Narrow Bedroom for Comfort and Elegance - Overcoming the narrow room space we must be smart, clever in decorating it. This becomes an important issue, the article with a narrow room plus the arrangement of improper goods will increasingly make the room becomes irregular. This condition is often experienced by many people, because they do not know how to arrange a narrow space that makes the view of the room disturbed and you did not feel comfortable.

Narrow room will also affect your body movements while in the room. Coupled with the use of various home furniture that makes your room more narrow.

1. However, it can still be solved by finding solutions in the arrangement of furniture to look neat. Of course in this case needed skill in using the room to make your room look attractive so that makes you comfortable in the room. The combination of house paint color and the placement of furniture in the room can give a different impression.

2. Including furniture that is not important, a major problem that makes your room look narrow. Moreover, coupled with a variety of electronic goods in the room, making your room becomes narrow and hot because of heat generated from electronic goods. Therefore, you should select items that are only needed. So there is no accumulation of goods and you will also feel comfortable while in the room.

How to solve the problem of the narrow space of the bedroom, one of which is utilizing the wall. The use of a shelf that can be affixed to the wall or commonly known as floating shelf can help you to store items such as books, makeup, accessories to look neat. Making floating shelf does not need to cost a lot or buy it. You can make it using a thick board and accompanied by a buffer so the board does not fall easily.

3. Take advantage under the bed

Utilizing an unused room can be the best solution, you can take advantage of the space under the bed to store rarely used items like unedited test papers, extra bed sheets, dvd tapes or other items that are not used. Of course this is supported by an attractive arrangement so that your room can look neat.

4. Maximize the corner space

Maybe you never thought to use the corner of the room. This you can use to keep a small cupboard as a place of food reserves. it's good to leave the small cabinet empty because the cabinet can serve as a multifunctional cabinet. In addition, you can also use it by placing a table to put a computer or other electronic goods.

Do not forget the color game on wall paint and room furniture because it is very important to add an interesting side of the room. For the selection of colors you can adjust to the taste you want. If the bedroom girls are girly, can use a blend of pink, pastel, or peach with a maroon color. As for the bedroom boys, can choose a combination of white or gray - green with the color can be to create a fresh feel and bring up creative ideas.
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