The Key to Success Decorating a Small House Minimalist Room

The Key to Success Decorating a Small House Minimalist Room

The Key to Success Decorating a Small House Minimalist Room

How to decorate the house to look more beautiful and cool

The Key to Success Decorating a Small House Minimalist Room - The small size of the house does not need to limit your creativity in decorating. Here are some decorating tips you can do on a small house.
The beauty of the house does not depend on the size of the house. Small houses can be beautiful and comfortable if you are smart in maximizing the room. For that, here are three important tips in decorating a small room to make it look more spacious, which quoted from Budget Decorating. 

Watch the furniture 
In accordance with the physical condition of a small room, in choosing a furiniturer is very important for your attention. Small rooms require smaller or lighter furniture when compared to large homes. 

This time you have to resist other wishes like wanting to install a big sofa, a table that is too big, or a big bed. It's good you choose multipurpose furniture.
Nowadays there are many furniture such as the bed that the bottom serves as a storage drawer, a cabinet that can be a desk, or a door that can be a bookcase. In essence, as much as possible you jelly combine spot space and function into a furniture. 

Pay attention to the decor 
In addition to paying attention to the furniture, getting around the room decor is also important enough to make the room look spacious. For example, use glass or mirrors that can reflect lights. A little tip, you can put glass or mirror on the wall of the room close to the bed. 

Another tip, use high curtains and over the edge of the window sills. This trick also aims to make your room look spacious. Finally, use natural lighting, not too many accents and ornaments.

Notice the colors & design patterns 
Playing in a choice of colors and design patterns is also an important thing to decorate the small space. Avoid selection of dark colors that dominate. Therefore, the effect of dark colors make the room look small. So, just use a dark color as a color accent only. For example used for murals on the walls. 
The use of accent strips or lines used on your house wall paint can also give the impression of wide and high on the ceiling of the house. A few tips before you paint, choose the same color. Especially for the ceiling of the room you can use a slightly bright color like white or beige. 

An important note when it comes to creating patterns in a small room, is to keep in mind a 2: 1 ratio with the notion of two patterns for a small scale or texture with a rather thick pattern to add attraction.
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