13 Inspiration Unique Wall Decoration Can Make You Sure at Home

13 Inspiration Unique Wall Decoration Can Make You Sure at Home

13 Inspiration Unique Wall Decoration Can Make You Sure at Home

13 Inspiration Unique Wall Decoration Can Make You Sure at Home - The house with a nice interior design and interesting room can make the occupants feel at home linger in it. Interior design of a house with a minimalist style is now one of the most sought after by the public because of its simplicity. classroom wall hangings
Especially now that many houses are built on a land that is not so vast. Especially the minimalist houses built in residential complex. With a land that is not more than 200 square meters, then the built house must be designed in such a way that it can be a comfortable dwelling and can give a wide impression for the residents. classroom decoration 

With a room that can not be spelled out, the house must have a minimalist interior room design is pretty good. Among the objects that can be maximized for interior decoration of the room is the wall. Including the walls of the living room, family room to bedroom also can not be separated from the target that can be utilized wall. class decoration of used goods 
Here are some examples of wall hangings that might be an alternative to be imitated for your home. 

1. Family Wood Scrabble 

Wooden wall decoration is family themed. The words are arranged vertically or horizontally are the names of family members who live in the house. Wall hangings like this may be an inspiration to decorate the walls of your house. classroom wall hangings from used goods
Do not let the void fill the walls of your house. Be creative.

2. Inspirational Paper as a Wall Hanging

Inspirational writing like this can be used as wall decoration. Writing style that is made like handwriting can add value to the art on the wall.
If you want to bring happiness to the world, go home and love your family. how to make classroom wall hangings from origami paper
Minimalist wall decoration is also suitable as a decoration of the living room or just a wall display.

3. Wall Art Decoration Living Room Nuance Nature 

The living room is usually used as a family room is designed to a minimum so that the impression becomes more widespread. By putting a sofa to relax with family while watching television also can make this room look luxurious and do not look cramped. the finest class decoration
To add to the impression of blending with nature, wall hangings as in the picture is very suitable for use as guest room decoration.
The shape of the decoration image is simple, but can fill the natural impression to the entire room. With images of twigs and leaves and a bird perched is enough to represent a green and sustainable picture of nature.
Small wall decorations like this room are usually already shaped like a sticker and are usually sold in an online shop or market place such as tokopedia or bukalapak. Search only with the keyword "wall sticker". Choose a wall sticker that you like and match the room you want to install with the wall sticker. unique and interesting classroom decoration

4. Wall Hanging Nuanced Zoo 

If you want the room that you occupy has a natural feel, wall decoration like the picture above may be one of the options to be used as room wall decoration. By installing a wall sticker like this, the room would be as if it were near the wild that could see the silhouette of the animals from a distance. 
Wall decoration like this fits perfectly in the living room or family room. The ambience of the room, originally just a plain white wall with no impressions, has now become more alive. As if from this room we can see the shadow of the animals out there, which resemble that of the African grasslands with its various fauna. sd grade decoration
Not only to make the atmosphere more lively room, from pictures of wall paintings of this animal image we can teach our children who are still small to get acquainted with nature, especially for animal shape. One of the easiest ways to use wall hangings as a children's learning arena is by mein guessing images. sma class decoration
In this way, guaranteed your child will quickly recognize the form and the names of animals without having to go to the zoo.

5. Wall Hangings from Butterfly Paper 

Wall decoration of this one you can make yourself as a decoration room or home decor. The ingredients are also very easy to find in stores nearby. Only with manila paper or asturo paper, as well as solation back and forth aka tape only you can make wall hangings like this. Do not forget to also prepare the scissors to cut the pattern. how to decorate the classroom creatively
Surely you already imagine how to make the creation of this butterfly wall paper decoration? This is one example of handmade wall hangings that you can make at home with ease. If you still do not know how, consider first exposure to how to make butterflies from this paper. 

The trick, cut the paper with a square with a side of 10 cm. After the paper is cut into a square shape, fold it so that the folds are divided into two equal parts. Then, just deh cut with butterfly pattern (half). skyline sky class
In this way, the paper butterfly will automatically form in balance between the right and the left side. For other scales you can set your own side size, 8cm, 15cm or 5cm, according to your creativity. examples of creative classroom decoration 

After the paper has been cut with a butterfly pattern, just go to the attachment. Paste the tape sufficiently on the body of the butter to be attached later to the wall so as if the butterfly paper is being blocked on the wall. Arrange the butterfly paper that has been taped to the wall and then stick it. It's easy to do. For you who want to try, can also follow the following patterns: 

Butterfly wall decoration can give an interesting impression as your room or room decor. Could be, your friends who visit the house will be amazed to see a lot of butterflies in the house. But the butterfly is just an imitation of the paper that you make as closely as possible so that from a distance as seen the original butterfly.

6. Wall Hanging with Words Frame 

Stylishly framed writing can serve as an attractive classroom wall decoration or wall decoration of your room. Posts that you can design yourself further framed with a black or white frame depending on the color of its contents.
Many series of words that have meaning for the residents of the house, could be motivation or writing that became the principle of life. The walls of the house with plain white color, decorated with some meaningful or meaningful writing frames for us, can certainly arouse the passion for those who see it. Especially for the inhabitants of the house itself.
It could be that the words on the wall decorations are the words of encouragement for us. So it would not hurt us to choose the words we like to be installed as our home room decor.

7. Wall Hanging for Cafe 

Many ideas emerge from a writing. From a joke to a serious writing can be a fresh idea in the brain when it is stuck. If you are the owner of a cafe or cafe manager, ornaments with the words nyleneh or funny words you can apply on the walls of the cafe room.
Writing applications can be shaped wood taped paper that has been printed writing or it could be with manual writing in the media interesting and unique.
The interior of a cafe like this can be an inspiration to its visitors. It can be in the form of a word of wisdom, funny words and even regional words. Some say they are more powerful than actions. In this way you can also branding cafes with capital only words.
Lots of ideas that you can apply to wall hangings shaped like this writing. If the cafe you manage is targeted singles, you can post writings on love and singularity so that the singles also feel recognized when he was in the cafe.

8. Wall Hanging from Plate 

Plate we generally use as a place to eat. This one vessel is mostly made of glassware. Some are patterned, but in general the dishes we use for daily meals are usually plain dishes.
Patterned plates on the market usually intended not as a tool to eat everyday. Of the form was not just a circle, there are boxes, ovals and other shapes.
In general, patterned plates are usually used as decoration that is placed in a glass cabinet as if the dishes have become antiques on display at the museum. Well, for you who want to make these patterned plates make unusual decoration, you can try to make wall decoration of the dining room of these plates.
So how to put these plates on the wall vertically? It's easy, the idea is to put a hanger on the back of the plate. One example is as in the following picture. 

In this way you can now hang up the plates you will make on the wall.
Decorative dishes like this are more suitable if you apply in the dining room. Although it can also be installed in other rooms. However, the plate decoration will be more interesting when placed in the dining room, because it can add and inspire appetite as soon as we see the plate on the wall as if the plates were calling us to eat there.

9. Minimalist Wall Decoration 

For you who like the minimalist room decoration would want a minimalist wall decoration as well. With some application of box drawings as wooden wall decoration as in the picture in the room that does not have a lot of furniture will add a minimalist impression of the room becomes more perfect.
Coupled with 3 pieces of typical jar as in the picture by combining the golden yellow color that is equated with a sofa cushion makes the room more attractive and stick with the concept of a minimalist room. Not too much furniture and ornaments attached to the walls, can give a stronger minimalist impression.
The key here is to combine a maximum of 3 main colors and not many accessories, just a few. With a maximum of 3 different colors then the third color will be more conspicuous. From the example image above, the main color is black and white, while the third color is the golden yellow color.
This third color will stand out compared to the other two colors. This third color could you replace with other colors such as red, green or blue. Provided that the main color on which the base is the color white and black (chocolate can also be important still close to black).

10. Wall Hanging with Inspirational Paper 

Writing is still one tool to express our thoughts. Because with the written words we can capture the opinion or the results of our own thoughts or others. Not infrequently we take the words of the people we admire.
As the hadiths which are the words of the Prophet Muhammad SAW which he said to be recorded in the book of hadith. Even the words of these famous people can be a proverb.
To make it more memorable and often seen, some people make it into a wall hanging that contains their words or the result of their own thoughts. Not infrequently, our own words can also be a thought that is not inferior to the words of a famous person.
And with pride, we will also make it an original work into a wall decoration in the form of framed writing and on display at home.

11. Wall Hanging from Used Goods 

Next wall decoration is a decoration that is unique, because it is made of used goods that usually exist in our homes and is not used. From the picture above, we can see if it turns out items that have been unused aka used goods can we frame so that it becomes an amazing work of art.
There is a tea screen that is framed with an artistic frame, be an ornament that is quite intriguing. Then the second frame contains the implants and forks that we can find in the kitchen. And third, the frame contains an old manual mixer that is still outdated but still has the perfect shape with no fracture.
When people see these wall decorations in the living room, they certainly will not think that the kitchen tools they used to use it has great artistic value when dikreasikan in such a way that it becomes a slick artwork.

12. Wall Hanging from Lamp Cables 

Next is a simple wall hanging using a lamp cable. Lamp wires are usually arranged straight straight to the lights to be efficient and most of the cables are the same color with the color of the wall and some are followed by the wall painted in the hope that the cable is not visible.
Well, for you who like to create with the wall, you can try to make a wall decoration wall wires like this as a wall decoration room. To make it does need a cable long enough, so you try to buy a cable that is quite flexible and not too big to make decorations like this.
Before you buy a cable, draw a picture pattern that will match the cable line and then measure by using a rope or similar tool. Once measured before you buy a cable according to size so that the cable purchased no less and not too much.
In addition to cable, you also have to buy enough cable spikes. If you have cable and nail cable, install the cable according to the pattern you have made. Do not forget, choose a color cable that has a color contrast with the color of the wall.
Look for a room that you think is worthy of a wall hanging like this. Do not be installed any place that much less that can be reached by small children because in this cable will be discharged electricity that could endanger the children. So if you can, the pattern of this power cord should be at a minimum height of 1.5 meters.
With this provision, it is expected to reduce the risk to children because the cable can not be reached directly by them.

13. Sticker Room Wall Decorators 

The wall decoration on the picture above is not a hand painting that the owner of the house deliberately created. It turns out this floral wall decoration in the form of stickers that can be purchased at online stores. This is how to make wall hangings quite easy.
In China, wall decoration stickers such rooms are sold in several online stores.
One of the online market place that sells stickers like this is alibaba. There you can find many kinds and kinds of wall hangings that are funny like this. 

You can stick a wall decoration sticker like in the picture. Room will look more beautiful when combined with a funny wall hangings like this.
This sticker is also suitable for your bedroom wall decoration. No need to bother to draw your own. Just select a sticker like what and paste on the side of the wall you like.
Stickers like this also fit loh serve as a classroom wall decoration. Especially for the class of children. Like in kindergarten or elementary school.
Unique wall hangings like this can help the imagination of small children. So for teachers who do not want to bother to decorate the class, just use a wall decoration sticker like this alone. It's easy, right.
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